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Artifacts of Awareness

A Contemplation on Being of and Among Other Beings. Right now, you are aware. The words you’re reading, the thoughts you’re having, the sensations arising are present in your awareness. The core experience of being human is the quality of being aware. It is something we share with each human alive today, and in factContinue reading “Artifacts of Awareness”

Turning the Tables on Perception

An Introspective Inquiry Into the Nature of Experience. What is it like being a conscious human being living in the world? This experience is something we all share, but rarely think or talk about. I want to talk about this experience and take some observations from my own experiences with my perceptual faculties, and applyContinue reading “Turning the Tables on Perception”

Sensation and Experience

Our senses are extraordinary. Refined over billions of years of evolution to enable us to experience our immediate environment, as humans we use our sense perceptions to make sense of the world. With our ability to remember our previous experiences we make sense of the repetition and patterns we perceive, and use our shared knowledgeContinue reading “Sensation and Experience”

How do we know?

We only have our own unique window looking at the worlds so how do we know what’s really going on out there? It’s funny to think that we’re looking at the world through a window, but that’s a fairly apt analogy. The five major senses that we use to experience our surroundings, sight, hearing, touch,Continue reading “How do we know?”

Where does it stop?

What defines the edge of consciousness? What is conscious and what is not? These questions highlight one of the primary challenges when talking about consciousness. The problem is that we only have our own window to look out of. Our entire experience is confined to our first person perspective. We only ever get our ownContinue reading “Where does it stop?”

What is consciousness?

That’s the big question isn’t it? We are fortunate enough to be able to ask it, and that alone is pretty awesome. Human beings are likely the only life forms on earth, and possibly the whole universe, that can actually ask that question. So just having the capacity to inquire about the nature of ourContinue reading “What is consciousness?”